Please guys, does this really mean something for Manjaro?

The fact Manjaro appears on the Steam Survey followed by Ubuntu on June 2019. In May, it was Ubuntu > Mint > Manjaro. Now is Ubuntu > Manjaro > Mint.

Is it important for Manjaro? What do you guys think? I ask this because I noticed Steam said:

The Linux landscape has changed dramatically since we released the initial version of Steam for Linux, and as such, we are re-thinking how we want to approach distribution support going forward. There are several distributions on the market today that offer a great gaming desktop experience such as Arch Linux, Manjaro, Pop!_OS, Fedora, and many others.

The text above recently write by Steam have been refered in this thread that has been split, however my point is just about the Steam Survey.


Do you think this recent popularity of Manjaro can give some importance for Steam?

I don't think it is particularly important either way but it is great that a lot of people are using Manjaro.


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If is a good measure - at least for games played through proton, then Manjaro is probably a good choice for a decent gaming system.

It's because I joined steam lately :grimacing:

Well. We will see. We have some good connections within the gaming industry :thinking:


I wonder if (due to its popularity) MX will make the list...?

MX has some popularity, but if you look at market share it is not on any lists.

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A good plan on Valve's part seems to be reaching out to multiple Distros. It would a wise choice not to go all in with one distro. I think they've learned their lesson.
At least to me that seems smart. IMHO.
Doing that, no matter what happens with anyone distro Valve wins.
I think and hope, that we'll see Valve working with multiple Distros.
I don't want to them to pick just one. However, that said, if they do only pick one it'll obviously be Manjaro. :wink:

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