Please do not add superslicer to stable branch of manjaro

Please do not add superslicer to stable branch of manjaro.
Superslicer was move from aur to community. But the current community version is an alpha version, witch dose use the stable config directory (see FS#75133). This may result in a damage config and hours of fine-
tuing are lost.
Because of this I think Supersilcer should only add to manjaro, if the arch package use a stable version.
Furthermore it has also an aur package as optional dependency. So when superslicer will be added to manjaro superslicer-profiles should also been added to manjaro.

Their exist already a new stable superslicer package at the aur: superslicer-stable

Manjaro inherits most packages from Arch. We do not blacklist anything unless we have a custom overlay.

When an AUR package is imported to the Arch community repo, it is deleted from the AUR. If Manjaro blacklisted superslicer, then it would not be available at all. There are pending deletion requests for the associated AUR packages.

Filing an Arch bug report is the way to address things like this which you’ve already done.