Please change default beep sound


I made a thread a while back about firefox making a very loud sound when I typed a search query that didn’t exist. (made me jump every time) I recently confined that this is due to the system sounds in Manjaro because the same sound occurred when I tried to scroll down past the bottom of the list to open a file. After googling about it I found this thread on the forums. [SOLVED] How to change the BEEP sound? The permanent solution didn’t execute in my terminal but the temporary one worked resulting in no sound at all which I gladly prefer.

Please manjaro devs I’m begging you change the default alert/beep/error sound in the OS. The current one makes my heart jump every time. (and not in a good way)


You must edit the file in /etc/pulse

In terminal
sudo nano /etc/pulse/


Ok thanks I’ll take a look in there because actually have a correction to make that temporary fix he wrote broke my sound entirely.

Edit: Oh I see what you mean hmm. Any idea how I can get my sound back? Those commands broke my sound entirely I can’t hear spotify, online videos or even the sound of increasing the volume.


Change the topic titel,
read manuals,
make always a backup from files before you edit.
Make system backup with “timeshift” …


Nevermind then about my sound issue I’ll attempt a reinstall if I have to. Requesting that the default error beep sound be changed is more important and I therefore don’t want to change the title.

Update: the no sound issue turned out to be a weird glitch that’s gone now.


thats cute


How many people actually have a pc speaker installed on their motherboard?

I understand pre-built systems from say, Dell, but…out of the systems I’ve built, neither case nor motherboard manufacturers ever provided one. I went out of my way to buy like a 50-pack from China at a good price…just so I can rarely diagnose ambiguous error codes like “no vga detected,” or “ram.”


What’s cute? I’m dead series about the alert sound being changed. Because of it I feel like I have to be cautious every time I add an attachment to something while using firefox because if I scroll up or down the list past the last file the sound triggers.

I was referring to my laptop speakers.


for desktops, you can quite easily pull the speaker off the header pins. to this end, I ask people if they want the speaker attached or not when building towers these days. I still provide it in the box with their manuals so if they change their mind at a later date they are free to open the case and plug it in.

a lot of motherboards now have diagnostic LED readouts instead which show code numbers

it’s not so simple for notebooks which do indeed play any post chime or status message beep through system speakers. I had an ASUS F3Sr that played the 3 second Intel melody during the post sequence, fortunately that could be turned off :slight_smile: