Please add a list of modules to the MSM help

I just wanted to point a forum user to the Manjaro Kernel Manager and tried to find a CLI command to open it directly rather than navigating there graphically. According to the help output it is possible with the -m option:

manjaro-settings-manager -m <module>

should open any of the settings dialogues directly.

However, I couldn't find a list of available module names, neither in the help output nor on the wiki page, and none of my guesses worked. It would be nice if there was a list of available modules in the help output or an option to display them (like --list-modules or similar).


From a quick test

manjaro-settings-manager msm_{kernel,keyboard,language_packages,locale,mhwd,notifications,timedate,users}

launches the mentioned module except for notifications.


Thanks for the information, I didn't come up with the "msm_" prefix when trying to guess the module names. This information seems to be quite well hidden on Gitlab, so I still think that including it in the "-h" output would be a good idea. :slight_smile: