Playing with Manjaro Gnome 40 Wayland 21.1.3 for a week

I will be playing with Manjaro Gnome for a week.
To see how it performs on an old outdated Intel Core2Duo laptop with 6 gigs of ram.

For now I feel it is snappy and quick. I was able to edit 1080p video for this channel.
After some fiddling around I got OBS and pipeline install and working.

It is a learning experience for beginners like me to get around in the world of Arch Linux.

Manjaro is just a perfect tool for that.
The forum is informative and friendly. I learn a lot by reading thru the forum post.
Because there are people who have the same problems like I do that are being solved thru the forum.

Thanks Manjaro Community. You have make Arch Linux friendly for beginners like me.

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this is the video on my Youtube channel

Day 1 Monday of my experiment in Manjaro Linux Gnome 40 21.1.3 . Works perfectly as I suspected. Never gets into a problems