Playing a game (Deus Ex) with 2 monitors Doesn't Respect Fullscreen and Mouse will click out of the game

Both my monitor and laptop screen are both the same resolution and refresh rate (though for some reason by default the monitor read as 60hz but after changing it and making optimus run on nvidia all the time fixes it), but I was playing Deus Ex Revision and trying to play full-screen only to get tabbed out because while in moving around in a FPS causes the mouse to move over to the other monitor. While in the menus this doesn’t happen as the mouse gets trapped as it should. Hitting the super key crashes the session and causes it to refresh. Dash to Dock also tries to open up above the full screen app but flickers. It’s infuriating.

Are you experiencing the issue with Deus Ex, Deus Ex Revision or both?

How did you install it? Via Steam using Proton or another method?

Either way, try disabling Dash to Dock then logout / login and see if you can still reproduce it.

Seems that going into overview then clicking back into it fixes it

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