Plasmashell maxing out one core and making system ridiculously slow

I have a problem where plasmashell spikes cpu usage whenever I use the panel or or any other kde plasma functinality. The issue isn’t noticable when the system is first turned on but it gets worse the longer the system is turned on. Other things, such as browsers, IDEs etc. isn’t affected, only the panel etc. When it gets relly bad, it can take up to 30 seconds for actions to be processed.

It could be an OpenGL compatibility problem. Have you tried changing the compositor settings?

I tried changing from OpenGL 2.0 to OpenGL 3.1 since I thought that it might be an issue with that as well. But it didn’t improve anything. I did have issues when I first installed manjaro on this pc (March 2020) since it used the new intel iris graphics. But those were resolved by changing compositor.

Check what baloo_file is doing. I had an issue of late that for some reason, right after boot, my system was always busy and overloaded (CPU and Memory). Had to do this

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I tried changing to XRender instead of openGL. The issue seems to have improved, but XRender sill is a little bit slow when opening the application dashboard.

Scratch what I said in the last post. The issue still persistes with XRender