Plasmashell loads widgets only after restarting

When I boot my system the widgets are not loading unless I kill and restart plasmashell. It also loads on old wallpaper when booting. Could it be that it loads some old profile the first time it loads after booting?

My clock loads firefox… Doesn’t matter, maybe Plasma saves widgets on quit, websites are ruining your computer trough missuse and abuse of malloc, and what plasma have is different ram than what’s widget, because mallicious or otherwise maybe unwanted code is now running as your widget in Plasma shell.

I don’t experience your problem so I assume it is a matter of configuration.

Check in system settings → desktop session options.

You can try and remove files in
and maybe in .chache this one

This may result in the necessity to adding your widgets to your desktop again but maybe this way some bad configuration will disappear.

If it doesn’t help perhaps some configuration files might cause this problems. In this case I would create a new user and check if the problem persist.

@pixel Hmm doesn’t make a difference. Even when I delete all of those files, I get exactly the same behavior. It loads an empty session and when I restart plasmashell everything is how I left it.

Sorry but I don’t have a straight answer to it. I can only tell what I would do in such situation. But make a backup first.

If you say that it loads old wallpaper this indicates to me that some configuration files are messed up.

Also backup and remove

in /home/user/.config/
In this folder are various plasma configuration files.

again I would remove

Other than that I would create new user and check if everything is ok for new user. After that I would copy all files to new user. But after that some files might need checking user ownership.

@pixel I already removed ~/.cache/plasmashell. That doesn’t change anything. I won’t create a new user. Want to find the source. Will look in the ~/.config folder now

If you have the same settings deleting cache will not change anything, but if you change settings deleting cache may make a difference.
When I made manual changes in my desktop theme I deleted cache to make changes to be displayed. But it is up to you.

Sometimes restarting plasma is not enough. System restart may be necessary (it has something to do with cache - I think).

I restarted the system and everything. Deleting ~.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc deletes all the widgets, but it doesn’t change the behavior. I just created a workaround by adding a login script to autostart that restarts plasmashell. In my experience doing radical stuff like changing the user and copying everything results in more stress than living with it

Search for bug reports or report yourself

Sometimes desktop loses its settings (wallpaper, widgets, icons settings) after re-login

Desktop widget position lost after reboot

I already reported it the other day. Thank you for the links!