Plasmashell hungry. plasmashell eat!

My rockpro64 install has been acting up lately. I looked into it and found plasmashell has been eating memory. It just keeps taking in more and more until the system runs out of swap and dies. The only fixes I could find were related to NVIDIA drivers, which this computer doesn’t have, and some git packages being installed mistakenly, which this system also doesnt have. I can open up ksysguard and see plasmashell’s memory usage constantly climbing.

What’s going on?

I am running Plasma 5.20.5-2 on X11 and my plasmashell seems to be holding steady at 120,680K resident and 159,344K shared.

Edit: Now my plasmashell has ticked up to 120,722 resident. How quickly does your memory consumption increase? Is this over a matter of hours or days?

Edit2: Now my plasmashell is at 122,796K.

Edit 3: Now at 123,472K.

Edit 4: After 2 hours of spot checks, I am at 123,480K.

I can get 7 or 8 hours of uptime before plasmashell kills my system. I tried using a Wayland session instead. It was smoother but there were graphical glitches. In terms of stability, exact same problem occurred.

I wish GNOME didn’t suck so hard on this thing.

I am now up to 124,932K, so it is creeping up overall, but I have seen it give memory back too. I use mine all day at the office and had not noticed an issue at all, until you posted. But I will keep my eye on it.

I have 16GB of RAM in my PC and I’ve never had more than 8GB consumed. I even considered disabling my SWAP space.

So I don’t think it’s only Plasma…

I have 4 gigs to work with here. its not a full computer. It’s an SBC.

I get it. Maybe, and this is just a random thought, you could try something like Xfce and see if the problem persists. Because, I would never even have considered Plasma for a SBC…

plasma actually runs the fastest on this board. It’s an odd duck. GNOME runs worst but it is most stable.

That is strange yes. I have no idea what to tell you, except look at the MATE DE as well. Other than that, i have no clue as to what’s going on or what can help.

Hope you manage!

I noticed that plasmashell is using a lot of CPU on my Pinebook Pro compared to plasmashell on a similar specced x86 running kubuntu. Maybe it’s just because it is running on one of the small cores. :thinking:

Or, perhaps, I’m really not sure, it’s to do with the graphics?

Or something like that.

This is using a 1 minute sample so there are a few hours here. As you can see, I have yet to hit 3GB and I have memory set aside for nfs caching and use tmpfs quite a bit. So while Plasmashell does use a bit more memory as the day goes along, it is not much. Not enough to make a noticeable difference, it never gets beyond the normal ups and downs of total memory used.