Plasma5- applet thermal monitor not showing CPU temperature



I installed plasma5- applet thermal monitor from octopi and configured it to show the temperature of CPU and HDD. After logout and login, it is showing only HDD temperature. CPU temperature is off.
The widget no longer loads CPU temperature on login and I have to right click the widget and get it to reload the sources.

Is there any way to troubleshoot this ?


Mentioned about it here

and a few posts after, still no solution.

There is an issue opened for it


+1 was going to mention then forgot :smiley:


This happen also with GPU temperature same problem here :rofl:

I use watch-sensors in yakuake with i want check for temperatures sometimes :smiley:


It also happened to me. I deleted and re-added the widget and it has been holding on so far…


You mean it survives reboot with working temperatures right after it loads and no need to right click Reload Temperature Sources ?


So far yeah. But it is a very simple setup TBH. Just a single read from the CPU (tdie on a ryzen).


Ah cool, but for Intel CPU it doesn’t work. Anyway, now we know more about this issue :slight_smile:


Removed, added, about to reboot… brb.

No cigar. Intel here too, had to reload temperature sources (Again).


Same here AMD FX-8350 reinstall didn’t help :smiley: but was ok try it in anyway!