Plasma wayland libreoffice scaling problem

I have hidpi screen and II have problem with libre office.
When using Wayland menu of LibreOffice is very small even thou I have scaling set to 200%

From your title I’m assuming you’re using KDE Plasma with Wayland.

Although Wayland is an option on KDE, the default is still Xorg, for a reason, so:

  • If you’re a developer contributing to Wayland development: contribute or live with it
  • If you’re not: revert back to Xorg as it’s not ready yet for end users



Ok but maybe you will be able to tell me something else.
On Plasma when I run virtualbox the whole main window is blurry.

I checked Gnome (live usb)
I believe that Wyaland is native in this de.
LibreOffice looks bad on Gnome like on Plasma but VirtualBox looks ok.

Is it LibreOffice problem or Wayland?
If virtualbook looks good on Gnome then I probably could make it good on Plasma. But how?

Can you post some screenshots? Maybe you need to configure the GTK theme in Plasma.

I think the screenshot looks little better then real window

Virtualbox is a Qt app, and is supposed to look ok. Can you post a screenshot of LibreOffice?

I don’t even use fractonal scaling. It’s 200%

First screenshot is without any changes
and second is with something that I’ve found just a minute ago
with SAL_FORCEDPI=192 libreoffice --writer and svg iconpack it looks ok but LibreOffice settings don’t work. TO change icon pack I had to use keyboar arrows

libre good

Partial solution is from here:

SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN is set to gtk3
Everything has good size but:
menu has good size and sharpness
icons have good size and icons are blurry

I wonder if the scaling is being applied to GTK programs like libreoffice.

When I change system setting - scaling to 100% everything is small.
Then if I change it to 200% then size is ok but whole system interface is blurred. Like small image resized to bigger screen.

Everything looks fine when I reboot the system. Interface (plasma) is sharp an crisp. But libreoffice and virtualbox stays blurred.

I checked gnome. Libreoffice is still blurred but virtualbox looks good. One disadvantage in vbox is that virtual machine is without scale. In vm everything is small

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Just a little update.
Virtualbox still blurred

I can run LibreOffice with SAL_FORCEDPI=192 LibreOffice and drop down menus started to work after LibreOffice update

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Virtualbox looks “blurry” because it is running under XWayland and not native Wayland.