Plasma Vaults - no vaults after reboot

I recently started using plasma-vault and while it seems to function well, the vaults disappear after a reboot. When I open the Vaults widget it says “No Vaults have been set up”. However, when I actually navigate to the location of these vaults with my file browser, the encrypted files still exist and I can use the terminal to access them with gocryptfs which is the backend I used for encryption.

So for some reason, the Vaults widget just thinks they don’t exist anymore. If I open plasmavaultrc in .config I can see the vaults listed there but they both have these lines

lastError=Cannot create the mount point (code: 0)

I’ve tried searching that but haven’t been able to solve it. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Currently my only fix is to recreate the vaults after every boot. I already have other programs for encryption so I’m not looking for an alternative, I just want to solve this issue with Vaults.


is not yet an official Plasma application and AFAICS, the GitHub source hasn’t been updated in 12 months, so I’m guessing this is AbandonWare


I assumed it was more recent as the build date is last month for the version in the Manjaro repos.

It’s a shame. I really like how simple and well integrated it is into KDE. Maybe I’ll use something else and come back to it at a later date.