Plasma oxygen-theme activity manager missing/invisible icon issue (pinned on task bar)

Since recent plasma 5 updates in stable, I can not see the activity manager icon properly. If I change theme to breeze it looks like some horizontal black lines with dots. Unfortunately in oxygen-thene it is either so dark, that it is invisible on dark task bar, or simply missing. Before recent plasma updates the icon was showing three colorful dots forming horizontal line (red-blue-yellow).

Now it looks like this:


The icon was present in place of red-marked rectangle before recent plasma updates.

Operating System: Manjaro Linux 
KDE Plasma Version: 5.17.3
KDE Frameworks Version: 5.65.0
Qt Version: 5.13.2
OS Type: 64-bit

Here is the icon, which was present in red-marked rectangle before (over cursor):
*Sorry I am a new user here with one picture per post.

I cannot help you fix your problem in the literal sense, because I think that it may indeed be a matter of a missing icon. This has been happening with a lot of icon sets lately, and not only in Plasma, nor is it restricted to Manjaro ─ other distributions are also having the same problem.

What I can do is offer you a workable alternative. Instead of having the Activity Manager icon on your panel, you could add an Activity Pager, which allows you to click or scroll between activities. I am using such a pager myself, and it works brilliantly ─ just like the Desktop Pager.

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Thanks for workable solution - I learned something new. Nevertheless icon is missing, I can still click on it and use it. The problem is - icon is not visible. Do you have idea where to further report it, oxygen-theme team? Older Manjaro did not have this problem (with Plasma), that is why I thought Manjaro updated Plasma too quickly.

Yeah, you might want to file a bug report at, or check whether one already exists. This sort of thing happens quite a lot ─ and not just with the KDE-specific icon themes either. :wink:

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