Plasma Notifications - Links not working

I'm using the latest 18.04 KDE. I subscribe to push notification from a website. The notifications that it stores don't give you a link to the related page.

However, the popup notifications that show for 5 seconds will link to the related page. If you miss that notification and go the tray app, it will only take you to the root of that site.

Before putting the KDE version on this laptop I had the Cinnamon edition. The notifications worked correctly on Cinnamon.

I have tried subscribing to the push notifications using Chromium, Firefox and Chrome.

Is this notification working for you? Run it from terminal:

notify-send --icon=manjaro "See Manjaro announcements" "Read the latest stable announcements from <a href=''>Manjaro</a>"

That notification works similar to the other notifications that show for 5 seconds as a popup. The problem is that if you don't click on it within the 5 seconds, it will still have the alert in the notification app. Though then the link won't work.

The link from your command above doesn't show in the notification app (only a popup). The popup works like it should.

Not sure i understand you. If i click on the Manjaro highlighted, it opens the link from the command.


Is not that what you want, or it doesn't show like that on your end?

Yes, the link works if you're there to see it and click it within 5 seconds.

If you miss it, they will go to the Plasma notification tray app. Once they're in the notification app, they no longer have a valid link.

So if there are 20 notifications that I miss because I'm away from the computer:

In Cinnamon, I can just click on the tray app and scroll through them. Click the one I want and it will take me to the correct page.

In Plasma, if I scroll through the same 20 notifications and click one of them, it just takes me to the root of the website (not the related page).

Known problem in kde bugtracker:


I guess they're in no hurry to fix this if it was reported in May.

Thanks for the link.

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