Plasma. New feature for Dolphin?

Just accidentally discovered that ‘/’ can be accessed by ‘back clicking’ with the mouse when dolphin is first opened at the Home position. Rather than selecting ‘>’ at the top of the window. Is this new??

What is this?
A special button?

There has always been common movement commands …
such as Alt+ for ‘back’ and Alt+ for ‘parent directory’ .

A full list can be viewed and edited in
Dolphin > Settings > Configure Keyboard and Shortcuts

Do you mean the < and > that you can use as back and forward?

I just tried, it is not happening on my system.
A clean dolphin that opens in home, both buttons are greyed out, but if you have also added the ^ button, THAT button can obviously be pressed, but should bring you to your /home directory (backing up one directory from /home/username

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