Plasma mobile questions

I’ve tried both Phosh and Plasma. To me, I dont like the Phosh interface.
Are both Phosh and Plasma updated frequently or is one more updated than the other?

In Plasma, how can I disable suspend session? I guess my behind the scenes issue is I lose cellular connectivity if I leave my phone alone. Is it because of suspend session? If it is, I set it to “Never” but on reboot it doesnt retain that value.

I will try answering as best I can.

They both use the same underlying system, which gets updated at the same time. The interfaces themselves are updated when new updates are released. Plasma Mobile applications, usually release about once per month, not sure about Phosh applications.
Both see heavy development, so they update really frequently still.

It would have been done in the Settings → Screen section. But setting it to “Never” results in the config not being written at all, and thus do not change anything. So currently Suspend is not possible to deactivate.

Yes it. Suspend kills everything except 1 CPU core, I believe.

It’s a known bug. See my second responds above.


What about shortcuts? I would copy shortcuts and sometimes when I reboot they are no longer there.

I have seen an issue on this somewhere, so it’s also a known issue.

thank you for the replies and hard work on Manjaro. Love it. Both Plasma and Phosh (prefer Plasma but using Phosh for now).

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