Plasma lock/sleep problems

Hi There
I’ve some Problems with my newly installed (and very beloved!) Manjaro Plasma.
When Sleeping mode is entered or a lockscreen “called”, so also when the computer is not used for few minutes, there are some bugs I’ve confronted with.
After getting back to the desktop from sleep/lock the whole desktop environment is kind of buggy. Shortcuts don’t work, mostly frozen at all. But if there is a application which is running already it’s probably fine.

Any hints for this?

Thanks a lot.


Better Problem / bug Description

1.) After getting back from sleep-Mode
1.1.) → Rightclick on Desktop no longer possible, no reaction from “Desktop Background / Screen” but those applications which are already launched are ok.
1.2.) → Problems with keys/mouse and Bluetooth (no proper functions)
1.3.) → It’s difficult to start new programs, but dock/latte is ok.
1.4.) → some delays in keys/mouse-recognition and other functions and general delay when using or starting an app.

→ kind of the same / similar problems when locking screen and get back to desktop.

Possible Solution: Reboot System works fine but is kind of ugly.

provide system info:
inxi -Faz
use formatting, click this icon in editor: </> and copy the output there

did you try with different kernels?
create a new test user in system settings, reboot, log in as the test user and test if it has also the same issues

Hi Brahma

“inxi -Faz” is quite much information about my system. I don’t know if i want to publish this here.
→ could you say what information you really need to look at it?

2.) Don’t think i’ve tried different kernels. (?) → Kind of common installation (Plasma), not so many things changed, except from applications / software / common things.

3.) I will try those things with a test user and let you know if there are any problems or not.


Additional Infos:
I tried the same things with a new user. Same here.
But only lock-screen was not so bad. But with Lock+Sleep i had the same issues.

→ With the test user i got a errorMessage that “Kwin WindowManager must be restarted” after being back from sleep mode.

My assumption: could be a problem with the windowManager itself, or even with some settings i’ve done to the KDE Plasma environment.
→ I change for example: Wallpapers, Theme, WindowDecorations, Dock / Panel etc. etc.
perhaps this could lead to “configuration” problems

if it also didnt worked with the test user, its not related to the configurations you made…
did you tried the different kernels?
and we need the inxi output, to check what hardware you have…

I face same issues with kernel Kernel: 5.15.76-1-MANJARO, lock screen is not usable (only if you let the computer go into sleep)
I always need to shutdown with the power button…

you need to create a new topic, where you describe what the issue is, what you did try to fix it, when it started to happen and also provide system info: