Plasma is Great!

yeah, and it fixes a few things: one i mentioned above regarding the placement of the menu in relation with the panel, and a strange font rendering when switching the Widget Style.

I am running 5.16.0 under Arch stable. I haven't seen any problems. Indeed, no stability issues.

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5.16.1 is already in Arch stable and I'm now running it. I haven't encountered any problems with 5.16.0 or with 5.16.1 (except for the fact that I had to re-enable "tap to click" in the touchpad settings after upgrading to 5.16.0).

I have encountered a few more issues, @philm is right to hold off pushing it to stable before at least 5.16.1 but if it were me I'd wait for 5.16.2 instead. Otherwise, guess who gets the blame by the usual suspects? Manjaro of course for not testing...

The notification system has let me down a couple of times already. The battery warning message does not appear when the laptop gets to 10% like it used to even though it is set to popup it goes straight to the notification history instead.

Also, Kwin is not very stable right now. It's crashing with some system utilities where it did not used to, for example making any changes in Partition Manager causes it to restart. I've observed these crashes with both manjaro (my installations are near enough manjaro default) and KDE Neon so it's nothing to do with the manjaro distribution's default KDE ISO configuration.

I keep getting Network connection disconnection notifications even though the connection is clearly working fine. Downloads aren't interrupted or broken and video streams keep playing :man_shrugging:

The network connection messages seem to be partly if not completely connected to Kwin stability as well.

I'll try reporting these upstream if nobody else has already.


there is definitely something wrong with the rendering of the icons. Could be Qt's fault. I do get them disappearing sometimes, when they are meant to change and redraw or showing the incorrect icon size as with this:


Apparent fonts dpi bug in 5.16.1 [might have come with 5.16.0 & i missed it?] ... [Testing Update] 2019-06-20 - Kernels, KDE Plasma, Browsers, Mesa, Qt5

Does anyone understand how the new notifications system is supposed to work?

I like that they added per application settings for notifications but very few of the applications that I get notifications from show up on the list. So....since there is no way for me to control any of them I ended up having to turn off badges globally.

Is that a bug or do applications have to specifically instrumented to work?

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I think half assed is the term you are looking for, not nearly ready for production deployment.

Poorly designed, feature incomplete and buggy ... the trifecta!

Really disappointing.

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I think someone in KDE thought it would be great main feature which looks good on paper, so they rushed it in but it wasn't a good decision. However, I'm sure they will be improving and polishing the next few years so in the end it will turn out good. We only have to be patient, really patient ;D.

where is the doctor???:wink:

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Tell them to hurry, I'm old ( but I'm happy :slight_smile: )


Oh nooooo, the Daleks have found us. Run, ruuuuuun, aaarrrggghhhhhh...


The notification system definitely needs some polish, let's see how quick they are, the problem is that Manjaro stable have to receive the update at some point and I wouldn't consider this notification system "stable" enough.

This sounds awesome and if the info about it is given enough exposure might increase the number of KDE helpers and developers. Will it work on Manjaro thou? I guess, interested parties should read the documentation and figure this out.


latest point release changelog:


Landing in Unstable:

$ plasmashell -v
plasmashell 5.16.2
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It seems to be fixed now in 5.16.2 so I guess it was a bug.

One of the reasons why stable didn't got 5.16 series yet.


Still no fix in this update for the dark coloring of blur on Intel drivers or fix for the black round corners on non-breeze aurorae themes :frowning:. Otherwise, there was no problem with this update.

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