Plasma: How to set the same wallpaper for all monitors?

Dual monitor setup works fine on Plasma, however, the desktop wallpaper is completely different.
If I had been using a static photo, I could set the same one on both monitors. But what about slide shows? Wallpaper photo shows randomly from the selected photo pool.

Is there a way to have the same picture on both screens?

Also, is there a way to extend the wallpaper between both screens?

The title is completely misleading...
If I understood well, you want each slide of a wallpaper slide set to show on both monitors.
I don't have the answer though.

Usually the opposite is requested.
Maybe you need want a Xinerama layout that would combine all monitors in one screen.
I guess you will need a way to use the rest of the apps in one monitor each?... :confused:

I gave a similar answer recently, pretty close to your issue.

Ah, I just want too much :wink: . I'm a newbie into this multiple monitor settings and how it works on Linux.

The current setup works well, just like on windows or maybe even better, because I can add panels on the other monitor as well. I just wanted to know if such possibilities exists.

Basically I wanted the copy of the wallpaper with a slideshow, but two monitors behaving like they were separate next to each other and they do, only the joined slideshow part is not working.

Having a one wallpaper stretched between all screens is just another variety that I thought may be something I can set.

However, this is just a whim and a curiosity what can be done with multimonitor.

In windows there is just one desktop setup so the wallpaper is copied anyway, but windows lack of other options. In linux those options exist but the joined desktop setup is not a thing as it turns out, at least not by default. So some details are different but in overall, dual monitor in linux seems to be more versatile and practical.

For example, in windows only one panel governs all windows which isn't ideal, because if I need to un-minimze a window I need to go back to first screen. In Plasma I can set panels or docks that are reacting only to the app that is on the current monitor. The same with global menus, titles and buttons. Plasma simply offers more practical solutions. Wallpaper is just a cosmetics but still a nice thing.


Still my answer is

From my experiments in Plasma I see that each monitor has separate settings. So far I couldn't find any option to join them.

Still, it's better to have separate settings if it allows for independent setup of panels (which isn't possible in windows), so multi-monitor setup seems to be a superior experience compared to windows, where things are pretty basic.

Additionally, in Plasma we can specify where an app should open by default. This is completely lacking in windows.

So in overall, this is a vast improvement over Windows, even if I can't get the same slide on both monitors, at least not in latte slideshow. Maybe in the system default slideshow I could set the same wallpapers to show up in the same time, but do I really want it?

Since I'm new to multi monitor setup I'm learning my options and I come to conclusion that wallpaper is the least important thing there, although having one wallpaper stretched across all monitors is pretty cool effect, but it's more valid for 4 monitors, not 2, so this is pretty rare.

Not only, considering various resolutions per monitor. It's a very complicated task for a disputable need (because in Windows... ). It is not my POV to compare with anything else. Just take the best of what Ican do. Else it's coming too crazy...

You might want to ask "you-know-who" for this...:rofl:

So, to be clear, it is not possible in KDE to have one wallpaper extend across 2 monitors, correct?

Correct, to my knowledge.
If you 're really interested for the final answer, you should ask at the KDE forum.

After some time using multiple monitors setup I can tell that there is no option in KDE to extend the wallpaper across the monitors. Also, no other DE has it. However, I came across tools that could make that happen. Since I didn't need it, I never pursued it.

Although.... I usually use slideshows but if I had the right wallpaper (with resolution for both screens), used Nvidia session, one of the options (like scaled) may allow that? Probably not, but it's worth to experiment.

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