Plasma desktop edition ISO doesn't boot after reboot

I tried mamy editions Manjaro and always I can boot after installation. I tried mamy ISOs plasma-desktop and always after reboot i cannot boot. I always use three partitions: /boot/efi with fat32 and flag boot, /boot ext4 and / with Btrfs. With all ISOs except plasma-desktop I can boot.What’s wrong from ISO KDE?

is there any error message on boot?

In bios doesn’t show uefi partition and any Manjaro partitions. When I try to boot show info that don’t have entry to boot.

Sounds like the Calamares bug. It should be fixed with the next ISO release. For now you have to fix /boot/efi flags manually with GParted or KDE Partition Manager in Live environment.

Why this bug exist only in plasma ISO?

It shouldn’t actually. It’s there only for manual partitioning. Are you using manual partitioning in all editions (it’s not too clear from you first message)? If it’s the case I don’t really know what’s going on.

I use in all editions partitioning in calamares. And only in KDE Plasma Iso cannot boot.
And now try to modify in Gparted flags and it’s working.

It’s very strange but it will anyway be fixed in the new release. So the issue is resolved?

Yes. Other partitions have flags which was unneeded. And I must remove them.