Plasma desktop always reverting to Folder view from Desktop view

This has been happening a couple of days now.
If I shutdown or reboot, or simply restart plasma, the desktop reverts to folder view.

I’m interested to know where this particular setting is saved.

For now, I right click desktop and set Layout: Desktop and ‘OK’.

This isn’t part of kdeglobals plasmashellrc or kwinrc.

Where do we go from here?

Anyone else try plasmashell --replace and end up with folder view instead of Desktop view?

If I copy plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc and restart plasma, I see also the changes in meld.

plugin=org.kde.plasma.folder changes to plugin=org.kde.desktopcontainment which I feel might be the relevant key here.

So I need to find out why this is being reset…

There may be many reasons but in my opinion its caused by unstable plasmoid or old cache.

ROFL yes.
I renamed my .config and started re-importing.

Now I’m stuck again, trying to set keyboard shortcut to Application Launcher…

Right click, Configure Application Launcher> keyboard shortcut> (press Alt+F1) apply.

Still when you pull it up again ‘None’. It’s just buggy as hell, getting bored now.