Plasma can't find designer (Qt Designer)

when I try to open Qt designer in the menu, it came out thar error. Then I tried to open it in pycharm it report “Error running ‘Py Qt Designer’: Cannot run program “/usr/bin/designer” (in directory “/run/media/bran/TOSHIBA EXT/Code/PycharmProj/MM1”): error=2, …”. Then I go to the “/usr/bin/designer” dir, can’t find the designer. But IT WAS FINE yesterday, so confused.
Sorry for my bad English:(

this file is installed by qt5-tools package

verify by pacman -Qo /usr/bin/designer - if file not exists then re-install this package


THANKS for your help :wink: I did removed the qt5-tools for some reason that I read from another blog.

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