Plasma 6: any workaround for having windows buttons in the panel bar?

I’ve just updated Manjaro and with it I’ve got Plasma 6. Until then, I used Latte for my panels, even if deprecated. Now it doesn’t work anymore, ok, so I’m trying to get a similar setting as before with as much standard stuff as possible. I managed to have a similar panel bar on top with global menu, the only thing I still didn’t find a workaround is for having the windows buttons again. Is there a Plasma configuration or a widget or something that works with current version of Manjaro KDE?

Should have done a better research before, so for those looking for the same isse:

Widget “Window Buttons Applet 6 Prebuilt by Himprakash” already does the job fairly well. It can be directly downloaded from the “Get new widgets” function when installing widgets.

It’s actually available from the repo. :wink: :point_down:

sudo pacman -S plasma-applet-window-buttons
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