Plasma 5.13 Network Connections GUI broken



Looks to be an issue with the Oxygen Desktop Theme.

System Settings -> Workplace Theme -> Desktop Theme -> Oxygen.

When I change to Breeze Dark, logout + login, network system tray popup works.

When I change back to Oxygen, logout + login, network system tray popup breaks.

Could someone please confirm / deny this behaviour, just to make sure it is not something specific with my system settings.

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Yes, breeze dark. Hang on will test. BRB.

Oxygen, did not need to log out:



Not just Oxygen, it breaks my Arc-Color desktop theme as well:


I found a fix for this. I just deleted KDE’s cache with BleachBit.

It’s this bug:

Plasma 5.13 Discussion

Didn’t help for Oxygen theme, network system tray popup is just as screwed up.


Well i know this is the Unstable branch thread, & i am only testing, well, Testing branch, but fyi following this afternoon’s Testing Update 2018-06-16, which delivered Plasma 5.13, my NM widget has also broken [i use Oxygen theming]:


Plasma 5.13 Discussion
[Testing Update] 2018-06-16 - Kernels, KDE Plasma, Firefox, Haskell, Python

Worst thing than the culprit itself is when it pops out of nowhere after all was ok, double checked, multi reboots just to make sure, then suddenly after an unrelated task you check again an there it is, looking out of place …


Which theme are you using, Bogdan? I use the Breeze light theme and all is well here.
It must be theme related, what else can it be? Can you try a different one to see if it is theme related?
Btw, I am now using Wayland on my laptop with a built-in Intel graphics chip and until now I have no problems whatsoever.


Arc-dark theme. Changing the themes and icons didn’t help. It worked just fine till it didn’t … and makes no sense how it started … :slight_smile:
I don’t use wayland because i can get my tablet to work, so it has no use for me.

Edit: - not only that the Network Connections icons are off, but now randomly it got back the behavior that whatever icon i click it simply opens the Status & Notifications popup … and whatever fixes i used previously on the unstable, do not work … muahahahahahaha
Logging out and back in works …


FYI, for the past couple of days both my Lappy & Tower –KDE Stable, Plasma 5.12.5– have also done this. Hence this bug/glitch seems to predate 5.13.

I don’t like doing that [too disruptive to my workflow], so i run a simple little bash script i keep linked on my Application Menu Bar, which kills replaces & restarts plasma.


Care to join that script?


You are right. I just tested it with Oxygen and it was fine initially, but when I logged back in it’s busted. Oxygen seems to be the most affected theme.



One liner:

 killall plasmashell && plasmashell &   


Oh? Yes certainly. I was going to include it in my earlier post, but stopped myself lest other Manjaroos waaaaaaaaaaaaay more knowledgeable than me thought i was teaching grandma how to suck eggs.


killall plasmashell 
kwin --replace
kstart plasmashell &

Though of course i can [& sometimes do] access it with Dolphin, most of the time i use the convenience of my link to it on my Application Menu Bar:


3 Lines. :innocent:


One shell alias …

alias kp='killall plasmashell; kstart5 plasmashell&'



Which is where I copied mine from, 'cept mine is killp :smiley:


There are fixes upstream for the adapta-kde, arc-kde and materia-kde themes:


That’s great for those who like the Breeze theme, not for those of us that do not. I prefer the Oxygen theme and hope this gets fixed soon.


I’ve played a bit more in my Testing KDE VM. FYI:

My long-term Plasma5 aesthetic, pre-5.13.0:

  1. Look & Feel = Oxygen
  2. Desktop Theme = Oxygen
  3. Cursor Theme = Oxygen Green Emerald
  4. Fonts = Lato
  5. Icons = Oxygen
  6. Application Style:
    6.1 Widget Style = Oxygen
    6.2 Window Decorations = Plastik
    6.3 GNOME Application Style [GTK]:
    6.3.1 GTK2 Theme = QtCurve [coz Oxygen here crashes Pale Moon]
    6.3.2 GTK3 Theme = Xfce Evolution [with my own colour edits to continue my preferred Lilac tones]
    6.3.3 Cursor Theme = Oxygen 07 Purple
    6.3.4 Icon Theme = Hicolour
    6.3.5 Fallback Theme = GNOME

However with 5.13.0, the Network Manager System Tray widget becomes unusable by becoming gigantic [as we now all know], AND my Application Menu Bar [aka, my secondary Plasma Panel] becomes severely compromised for all Desktop Folder widgets [their popup width & height are severely attenuated, thus making usage very difficult].

As other Manjaroos have previously posted, i now also confirm that changing fully to the [aesthetically nasty IMO] Breeze or Breeze Dark theme, solves the 5.13.0 NM widget problem. My discovered tweak for Plasma 5.13.0 so that NM widget does not break yet i still retain most [sadly not all] of my preferred Oxygen theming elements … keep all the above, except for this one change:

  1. Desktop Theme = Breeze Dark

Neither my tweak above, nor even going Full-Ugly [aka, totally Breeze Dark (all elements of it)] fixes the broken Desktop Folder widgets. If this major bug flows down into Stable, i would have to temporarily abandon my Application Menu Bar & revert to my previous Cairo-Dock.