Plasma 5.13.0 and KDE Framework 5.47 bugs


If there are solutions to those bugs I’ll to post them in this first post.

1. Oversized wifi icons:

This bug happens often after first launch of Plasma 5.13 on Manjaro. This is theme issue with the new Plasma. Some themes, including Manjaro’s default “Breath” are not compatible (yet)


WORKAROUND: To fix temporarily the issue, switch to Breeze, Breeze Dark, Breeze Light and then relogg the session. The fact that icon is not changing in the same session is a bug.

SOLUTION: Wait for the upstream fix in Plasma 5.13.1:

2. New, ugly square media icon that doesn’t don’t update on change to dark theme.

Some noticed that media icon changed into that one:


It’s not only doesn’t fit to overall style of other icons but it stays the same between different themes (it may only become thicker or thinner) but also won’t update its color when switching to dark panel:


I checked on Neon and so far after update I got the usual, nice, round icon.
Like in the previous case, this seems to be theme incompatibility with new Plasma.

**SOLUTION: To fix the issue, switch to Breeze, Breeze Dark, Breeze Light and then relogg the session.The fact that icon is not changing in the same session is a bug.

3. No global menus for firefox and thunderbird

In Neon global menus for firefox and thunderbird work out of the box since Plasma 5.13.0. This doesn’t happen for Arch or any non-ubuntu systems. I reported it but it turned out that Firefox and Thunderbird on Ubuntu comes with unity patches that allow for global menu to work, those patches are not used by other distros, so at the moment there is no solution for this. We need to wait for more general fix and that will take time.

4. Notification settings page on systray gets empty list when there was clicked OK or applied new settings.

This a bug was introduced with KDE Framework 5.47.0-1

Steps to reproduce:

a) Open settings of system tray

b) Go to notification settings tab and click OK or change settings and then “Apply”. In result list becomes empty:

c) Works every time on system panel or latte panel.

Issue is gone when panel (latte or system’s) is restarted so system’s tray widget’s restart is restoring proper behavior.

5. New caps lock/num lock tray indicator stops working after changing notification settings.

There is new tray indication for caps lock (notification enabled by default) and num lock (notification is disabled by default), so when we activate caps lock it looks like that:


This may be the same bug as in previous point because by clicking on “OK” or “Apply” on notification settings, this notification stops working and starts again when widget is relaunched with the panel (restart of plasmashell or latte).

So in this and previous cases, as long as we are not messing with notifications visibility settings, all is fine. We have to wait for the upstream fix.

6. Discover install/remove/launch buttons are disappearing.

Most of you won’t use Discover program but it is a bug of Plasma 5.13.0 version so I’m mentioning it here.

When browsing through programs, first one has buttons, after a while buttons are gone:

Bug is also happening on Neon.

WORKAROUND: Resizing window (increasing its wideness) changes UI layout and the buttons appear. It looks like the bug appears only by default size of the Discover window.

FIX: Fixed in Plasma 5.14, wait for the feature release update.

7. Minimize widget stops working correctly - regression?

This is most severe and most disturbing bug here because it can affect seriously someone’s workflow and no solution to this was found so far.

Steps to reproduce:

a) Open few program windows.
b) Use Minimize All widget
c) click on panel/dock icon to un-minimize chosen window

Expected behavior: Only chosen window should be un-minimized.

What happens: All windows get un-minimized and they are placed in random or previous layers (so it works more like old Minimize to desktop, while Minimize All lost its original functionality) so the wished window usually gets covered behind thus requiring to click second time for it to appear.

A workaround is to use alt+tab or overview (assigned to pad gesture, shortcut or active corner) to change workflow of choosing the window. Still, this is not a fix and the bug is limiting Plasma’s ability to choose proffered workflow.

SOLUTION: Wait for upstream fix that comes with Plasma 5.13.1.

8. Spotty localisation.

Because of many new changes, localisation team hasn’t yet caught up. Previous versions were fully translated, this one has many places where things are in English, so the whole release feels unpolished.

9. Folder widget has too small pop up

10. Font settings present font names as grayed out.

This confuses users as grayed out usually means “inactive” or “not possible to change”.

SOLUTION: Wait for the upstream fix that is coming with Plasma 5.13.1.

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I think you forgot the browser plugin which works for Chrome and Firefox but not for Falkon, KDE’s own browser.
The plugin with which you can control media in a browser and which also shows you your downloads in the panel.


It’s not a bug. They haven’t designed it for Falcon yet. It’s not even in plans… The plasma-browser-integration is described as integration for Firefox and Chrome based browsers. Falcon is neither of them.


Even worse.
A bug can be fixed, this has to be designed from the ground up.


I reported this (can you reproduce?)

Note: I take back “the only issue”. I have most of these on this topic.


Thanks for confirmation.

When I placed the left panel and widened it, kickstarer icon got resized. I don’t think it’s a bug but rather a feature but I can’t be sure. Usually people don’t create such thick panels.


Same happens when you change the height of the bottom panel. Not only this icon but more icons change size when the panel height is changed. It’s a feature, not a bug.


It was fine (small) pre-update. I will try not to be offended… did you imply I am not normal?? :open_mouth::rage::skull_and_crossbones::alien::space_invader::robot:


I recall that pre-update there was some problem with scaling and solution was that there was a setting of icon task manager so you could have some more control over it but it still sometimes produced some undesired effects like icons with large, empty spaces in between. In short, previous scaling was jumping between certain ranges and was not fluid.

Probably they changed it (improved in their mind) and got rid of manual setting.

To test it, I have to check it on my work laptop where I’m still on Manjaro stable (so still old Plasma).

On horizontal panel, it scales well, or at least from technical point of view:

Basically, now when you want smaller icons, you need to enable more rows and then icons will be scaled accordingly. It a bit shame that they didn’t leave the old slider option so we could control the size.


Can you guide me on how to do that, please? I know this is true/done in xfce4-panel, though in Plasma I have n’t found how.


Now there is a setting in Settings=>Icons


I think that this setting was always there but since GUI was different it looked different. The downsize is: this setting doesn’t work or at least it never worked. All icons, including breeze have inactive size option.
To be honest, I don’t like the new icon settings page. It’s very confusing and hard to look at. It’s too busy so it’s hard to find icon set you want.


I can understand Greek also, can you translate in Greek, please? :rofl:


Something is happening. There is a patch for plasma-nm that should fix oversized icons, there is also a patch for Minimize All bad behavior:

Soon, only minor annoyances will remain and with time those will go away as well.


That’s more like Polish to me. Can’t understand any of them … :grin:
Nice investigative work @michaldybczak :wink:


…regression: folder view widget in panel = file list popup is too tiny

Thank goodness.


Thanks @bogdancovaciu.

I usually wait till those things will sort out on their own but this time I was too impatient to get newest Plasma, switched to unstable and saw that there was no bugs reported, so I filed them and it looks that it’s going fine. Patches are coming.

Also, I was somewhat disappointed with the lack of the talk about problems and everyone was “oh, how awesome blur effect, how great are the new features”. And they are awesome but point 0 release is in reality still a beta version and someone must step in. I expected more people to be active in finding, tracking and filing bug reports.

I like Plasma a lot and I’m happy to contribute any way I can, although sometimes I feel unqualified since I’m not a developer. But it seems that an average user can help. Filing bugs is pain and most people is too lazy to do that but everyone is happy to complain when something is wrong ;). Also process of filing bugs is confusing for average user. It looks like nothing is happening and then suddenly some small infos: adding people for CC, changing statuses, ect. and then boom, the patch is there without much talk. Awesome!

I’m impressed how quickly some things found solutions. The worst part is at first when nothing is working like we used to and you have no idea what is going on, how to fix it or how to find workaround. With time things tend to clear out and all is well again.


Thanks @kdemeoz, I added it the bug the list. I haven’t tested it yet myself so I wasn’t wring much, I only linked the bug report.

@petsam, I checked Plasma 5.12 and the slider that controls the size of the icons show up only in side panel (so it’s gone with upper or bottom panel). I tested it on Plasma 5.13.0 and the slider is still there:

Still, it won’t change size of kickstarter icon.


Can you explain in English (or Greek) which window is that and how can I find it, please?


Plasma 5.13.1 was released this morning to Arch stable that address many of these issues.

@philm and company
I’d suggest we wait on it before moving plasma 5.13 into stable.