Plans for nvidia on x32

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jonathon what are your plans for nvidia on x32 when X-ABI=25 will drop?

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Jonathon's taking a break. Might be a bit before you get an answer. :woman_shrugging:

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I’m pretty sure I remember reading he was going to drop nvidia blobs and be purely nouveau. Ofcourse, now that I’ve said this, I can’t find the reference :thinking:

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Oh, right, lol. I was also in there when he talked about it.

And.. I don't know.
I understand his point, but "more security is better than no workable system to begin with" doesn't tick much to me (putting even aside, that 1.19 is still maintained to this day tbh)
I wonder if him having a 680M (aka Kepler, aka the only nvidia architecture supported well enough in nouveau that you can even browse the internet) might not play a role in his considerations.

(and yes I understand he's on holiday, no hurries)

If nvidia** drivers don't work with newer Xorg versions then I can't support them. I'm not Nvidia and I can't single-handedly maintain an entire graphics stack.

"Them's the shakes" with rolling-release.

Also on x86_64 we have to see. We try to keep the drivers as long as possible. Catalyst for example is gone with 18.1 release.

Yes, that's why I had pointed out x32..
If you could just slightly extend the mhwd-xorg mechanism, you would perfectly solve the nvidia and catalyst situation basically indefinitely.

Before I borked my laptop, I could basically did so with fglrx.

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