plank hide issue


i did a clean install of manjaro kde 18.0.4 - updates are installed, now comes the fine tuning part.

unfortunately, a few things don't work as expected anymore.

plank & autohide (my preferred setup): still works, but clicking on icons has no effect at all (won't open programs anymore)?

with preferences on strg+right mbutton it is just about the same, now it needs to be triggered from the konsole in order to show up: plank --preferences

switching to intellyhide seems a workaround (icons are clickable), as long as no application is opened maximized, then its behaviour is exactly the same: no effect on clicking icons after unhiding the dock anymore.

any clues are very welcome.



nevermind - got it sorted.

when using hide-delay 50+, all is back to normal just as before.



Curious as to why you use Plank instead of Latte-Dock?



latte is great though not so ressource-friendly - and plank (and its bugs) is just fine for me.



While Latte is quite an accomplished app, I personally use plank instead since I find its animations far smoother than Latte, and I find its autohide and appearance animations just a tad more instantaneous...



every now and then i give latte a try. i was disappointed to see the recent version eating up memory like never before.

a latte-light version with a limited feature-set (!?) but a plank-wise memory consumption would be very nice to have.

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