Plane, a new Gnome Gtk-theme


Hi algent, my icon theme is not optimized for xfce but I will check which icons may be missing.
thank you for your comment :slight_smile:


I noticed that the following icons

  • audio-volume-high-panel.svg
  • audio-volume-low-panel.svg
  • audio-volume-medium-panel.svg
  • audio-volume-muted-panel.svg

are missing from the folder status in various icon themes (Adwaita is one of them). These icons correspond to the volume level of the PusleAudio plugin in the Xfce panel (high, low, medium, muted), like in the picture posted by algent above.

If I copy these icons from the Vertex-Maia theme (as a test example) in the folders Plane/status/22 and Plane/status/24 of your theme (I only used the Plane variant), the volume icons are displayed in the Xfce panel.

Hope that helps!


ok, you can download the last version in Github or Opendesktop


We already grab from github… if you take a look at our pkgbuild

i grab the icons theme from the zip files and for plane theme we build the source… from last commit and take the versiong from gulp file…


Loving the theme and icons on my gnome box! Well done @wfpaisa


The dark theme is really nice on my Apricity Gnome install.

Icons are very refined and classy. I’ve been following your icon set since around ver 0.9 and I love the new additions.


Yawn another flat boring theme.


thanks for your opinion :wink: