Plane, a new Gnome Gtk-theme


Hi, My latest Gtk-theme, what do you think?


Looks nice, especially the dark variant (for me).
Why “last gtk-theme” and not “latest”, you plan to drop the project? Also would be nice to create the gnome-shell-theme.gresource so the Adwaita doesn’t kick in :slight_smile:


Nice. I didn’t know you had a theme to go along with your icons.

And looks like it’s time to update your plane icons as well (I have an older version from your github).


Thanks, Yeah. my latest :slightly_smiling_face:,
Actually I have more:
I need too investigate how publish all those things, if you have a recommendation, please tell me.


I need to publish all those things like package but I don’t know, I gonna investigate.


This is the only place i can point to, as i explained what exactly didn’t feel coherent at that time, with that particular theme, and what i did to get it as i wanted.


Looks great so far. We can help packing it. @Ste74: thoughts?


Yep, is awesome… we can package in our community repo… @wfpaisa is possible for you do also a our maia (primary color #16a085) variation for this theme? Is too work for you?


I’m not sure about the background, the first version.


People love blurred backgrounds … they will love this one too. It depends also how it behaves in a dual display setup and with 4k displays too. Looking forward for the Dark-Sea version :smiley:


yes! it’s possible, but I really want it to keep the color to avoid keeping two color variations and to keep the appearance in different flavors of Linux, also because I have more skins for other applications such as Atom, Vscode, sublime t…

maybe depending on the reception of the theme would create an application with a color pickup to change the colors.


Ok, i package your theme and icons in this days… option to recolor the theme is accetable …
We will see in our community how like it :wink:


This theme is simply awesome even without Manjaro green accent. So many nice GTK themes… But almost nothing good-looking for KDE, except Breeze/Breath (speaking of light themes, all dark ones look pretty much the same for me).


As promised @wfpaisa @philm, i have write pkgbuild for plane-theme and plane-icon-theme ( only manjaro version and plane dark/light ). In unstable now…


OK, let me test this then …


Wow! Seems a very good theme! Usually i don’t like mac-like buttons, but in this case the theme have a certain appeal :+1:


I think window title buttons were better in version 1.4 than now. Mac-like buttons are not easy to use. Any controls that are supposed to be used with a mouse or touchpad should be easy to point to and click on.


Yeah, I think I gonna return to traditional buttons, firefox, chrome, vivaldi… has problems and there are more argument with those that rounded buttons, thanks


Hello, it’s exciting to see my theme in the package management, I want to know what I must do to facilitate the update of this. (a specific structure, make releases in github…) thanks


U just installed plane-icon-theme and it looks nice, but there is only a little problem with volume icon on panel. Trying to figure out how to add it.
That icon next to the clock.