Places Applet / Trash Applet: Broken links

Hello community,

I am new to Linux and I have fallen in love with Budgie.

For some time now (I can’t remember when it appeared) I have problems with the Places Applet and Trash Applet because the links are broken. A gedit window appears with a red banner ("/home/vespalino/Downloads« is a directory") instead of nautilus.

Do you have any ideas?

I don’t know if it matters, but in the past I have also tried Nemo but uninstalled it. I don’t remember if the applets worked proper before and after.

Thank you.

I found the solution in the Solus forum.

The reason didn’t belong to the Applets but to gedit.

I have deleted the line “inode/directory=org.gnome.gedit.desktop;” in mimeapps.list in .config directory in user directory, restarted the system and all is fine !!

This is weird…

After I have made the new update today celluloid made a new inode entry in mimeapps.list so that all links in places applet were opened by celluloid…

So I deleted once again the inode entry in mimeapps.list an it worked again.

Really weird…

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