Pkgbuilds for different branches

Hi all,

as far as I understand, Packages · GitLab hosts the stable pkgbuilds. My question now: where are the testing and unstable pkgbuilds hosted?

There are no separate PKGBUILDs per branch as there is no need. Most packages are built on the unstable branch, then they progress through the Manjaro branches. Each branch is a snapshot in time.


Cool! Thanks for the reply!

How come though, that there are packages in testing/unstable but not yet in stable (like glib2-devel) that do not have a repository?

Most packages are inherited from Arch. Arch packages can be found here with PKGBUILDs on their GitLab.

Manjaro has unique packages, some overlay packages with customizations and some packages originally imported from the AUR.

As far as glib2-devel, that was recently split out from glib2. Therefore, that package was only available once synced from Arch stable to Manjaro unstable. Then, there was a recent testing update snapped from unstable. The next stable update will include it.

If you’re not sure if a package is created by Arch or Manjaro, you can check the email address of the packager.

glib2-devel inherited from Arch:

❯ pacman -Si glib2-devel | grep Packager
Packager        : Jan Alexander Steffens (heftig) <>

…as opposed to manjaro-cinnamon-settings packaged by Manjaro:

❯ pacman -Si manjaro-cinnamon-settings | grep Packager
Packager        : Mark Wagie <>

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