pixelated icons in libreoffice


I am going crazy. I would like to use Manjaro Mate and Manjaro Openbox but I need to increase font size in the UI because my screen resolution is higher (so the fonts are not too small) but if I do that, the icons in Libreoffice are too large and pixelated.
How is it possible to solve this problem in Manjaro?
For me this is very annoying because I need to work with Libreoffice all the time.
I have seen lots of bug reports about this but no way to solve it. Is this a bug? The issue does not exist in Debian but Debian has other disadvantages.

Thanks in advance



Maybe this would work
Tools > Options... > View > Icon style:
choose a style with (SVG) in the name



Do you mean you have a hidpi screen?

Usually the solution for that is not just pumping up the font size.
The svg suggestion is good.. but you probably want to look at DPI.

While you can set any dpi you like and applications using Qt and GTK will scale accordingly, it's recommended to set it to 96, 120 (25% higher), 144 (50% higher), 168 (75% higher), 192 (100% higher) etc., to reduce scaling artifacts to GUI that use bitmaps.




There is no icon style with SVG in the name
How do I set the dpi? In Mate I only found an option in Control Center - Appearance - Fonts - Details - dpi
But AFAIK in Openbox, there is no option to set the dpi - at least there is no gui tool for this, only the font size can be tweaked
I tried your suggestions, btw, do not appear to work
Thanks anyway and waiting for further suggestions.



btw, my screen is fullHD@13.3inch, so thats rather high dpi





You must have not read the links.
There are a number of ways, including

 xrandr --dpi 144

As to you missing the svg icons.. are you using Libreoffice-still or Libreoffice-fresh ?
[it is available for me in fresh]

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hmmm, you should have this but which version of libreoffice are you actually running? I have libreoffice-fresh installed (



The SVG based icon themes were added to LibreOffice 6.2.x (the "Fresh" branch at the moment) according to the release notes.

On my system running LibreOffice "Still" (6.1.5-3) these icon themes are not available.

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so the solution is clearly for the OP to switch the installed packages to libreoffice-fresh then.

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If selecting a SVG based icon theme will help with the HiDPI screen issue, then yes.



At the moment I have the latest live versions of Manjaro Mate and Manjaro Openbox. I deleted my previos regular Manjaro Mate installation because of this bug. But I think I will reinstall it on a pedrive and check.
Btw, I tried that xrandr dpi thing - it has an effect on Gimp but no effect on Libreoffice



And it is Libreoffice fresh that I have on the live systems but I need to check the Version.



Yes, thank you, that was it. I reinstalled Manjaro Openbox on a USB stick, updated everything an there it was the SVG icon theme in Libreoffice. The icons look much better now, however some are still a litte pixelated.
Thank you anyway for the help!



For future..
You probably didnt/dont need to reinstall when you just need to update..



there's also a new libreoffice fresh build 6.2.3 been released today with a substantial number of bug fixes including some related to the GUI (mostly KDE5 but also icon set related), it make take a few days to get to manjaro though.

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Well I just wanted to mention that on Debian stable there are no pixelated icons at all. Not even when a non-svg-style is selected. So I am not sure what the source of the problem is. Maybe some file is missing or something like that. LO6.2 looks just perfect (on Debian stable).

Btw I hat to reinstall Manjaro because I had deleted it earlier.



Sorry, I checked again. There are pixelated icons on Debian as well if I increase font size/dpi enough.



The only version of LO that has no pixelated icons at all appears to be the old version 5.2