Pixel Rainbow!

More of an idea, but I like it so far.


Haha! This is amazing! Thank You!


Thanks to you lots :smiley:

Again, it is a concept more… do you think the ‘Manjaro’ should be in a matching pixelated font ? yes or no, do you think it should have a perspective like the rest of the image ?
Should I change and turn everything front-facing-flat ?
I really want input, because I’ve been playing with alot of rainbow, cloud, dark, minimal, collaboration style ideas and I keep thinking different things.

(I think I’m going to make a version with “K.I.S.S.”)

But hey here ya go,

It is also my current setup :wink: ;

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You running JWM?

I think if you can make the “Manjaro” and the “enjoy” both in those little white blocks (similar to the rainbow) it would look even more amazing! :slight_smile:


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Huh i bet you add the texture ‘manjaro’ onto the wallpaper by yourself😂but it’s still amazing. i got it!

I actually couldnt decide whether the manjaro should be front or not. I will redo soon.

In the meantime, here is what I just messed with


this one is much more harmonious than the previous one. :smiley:nice

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