Pipewire will replace Pulseaudio in the near future? Will this mean the end of the system wide equalizer with latency settings in Xfce?

The ONE thing I am absolutely delighted about is that Manjaro Xfce has got a SYSTEM WIDE equalizer with LATENCY settings! Perhaps there are other Linux distros which have these perks as well, but I am not aware of them.

However, recently I have read that in the near future Pulse Audio is going to be replaced with Pipewire. And as far as I know now, Pipewire does NOT provide a system wide equalizer with latency settings.

Can anyone provide me with more details if I am right or wrong about this? I really NEED latency settings, because my local internet provider does NOT support Linux very well and when I watch content from my loccal internet provider the sound is NOT in sync with the mouths who are speaking. Incredibly annoying. Without latency settings I simply cannot watch local content from my internet provider. So I really hope I can still use Manjaro Xfce in the near future WITH the ability to adjust the latency. Shoud I worry this excellent characteristic of Manjaro Xfce is gonna dissappear soon?

Why don’t you just keep Pulse Audio. If Pipewire were to replace Pulse, it would only be on new .iso and that is a big “if” as of now. In any case, you could always replace pipewire with pulse if you happen upon that situation.

it will be wireplumber , pipewire was a transition and is no more supported

Beside the topic:

WHAT DA HELL? An internet provider does not support linux? Sorry, but :rofl:

The root problem should be fixed, but I guess it happens because your PC is too slow and not because of your internet provider.


WirePlumber is a PipeWire manager, so it won’t replace it…

do you mean xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin, pointing to pavucontrol? you can still use them with pipewire. works fine.

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Hey @plop…just embrace the delay, and pretend you’re watching some cheesy foreign (read: original Godzilla) film with crappy dubbing. :laughing:

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