"pipewire-media-" dumped core


                                              Stack trace of thread 4295:
                                              #0  0x00005576291a303b n/a (pipewire-media-session + 0x2003b)
                                              #1  0x00005576291a1a6b n/a (pipewire-media-session + 0x1ea6b)
                                              #2  0x00007fc73834adf4 n/a (libpipewire-module-protocol-native.so + 0x16df4)
                                              #3  0x00007fc738344aa2 n/a (libpipewire-module-protocol-native.so + 0x10aa2)
                                              #4  0x00007fc738344ff8 n/a (libpipewire-module-protocol-native.so + 0x10ff8)
                                              #5  0x00007fc739424d9b n/a (libspa-support.so + 0x6d9b)
                                              #6  0x00007fc73939e5ab pw_main_loop_run (libpipewire-0.3.so.0 + 0x425ab)
                                              #7  0x000055762918f7dc n/a (pipewire-media-session + 0xc7dc)
                                              #8  0x00007fc73906bb25 __libc_start_main (libc.so.6 + 0x27b25)
                                              #9  0x000055762918fc5e n/a (pipewire-media-session + 0xcc5e)
                                              Stack trace of thread 4297:
                                              #0  0x00007fc73914339e epoll_wait (libc.so.6 + 0xff39e)
                                              #1  0x00007fc73942e1f1 n/a (libspa-support.so + 0x101f1)
                                              #2  0x00007fc739424d04 n/a (libspa-support.so + 0x6d04)
                                              #3  0x00007fc739384f50 n/a (libpipewire-0.3.so.0 + 0x28f50)
                                              #4  0x00007fc73921a299 start_thread (libpthread.so.0 + 0x9299)
                                              #5  0x00007fc739143053 __clone (libc.so.6 + 0xff053)
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Another core dump linked to pipewire.
Could it due to same issues as this ?


Well, this does the trick for me.

Still some issues:

  • Pulseeffects bass enhancer and crystalizer totally bugged. (no soung, just noise)
  • No Xfce keyboard volume setting anymore
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i have those core dumps everyday since the latest update and i don’t have pulse effects installed.
it doesn’t seem to affect sound or other things, but i’d like to get rid of this error.

@linub @dmt47 If you don’t use PipeWire then simply mask the socket as described here to get rid of this coredump.

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But what if someone use PipeWire and want to fix it?

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i use flatpak and if i understood correctly,i need pipewire.

i see that people managed to fix it with restarting the service;
systemctl --user restart pipewire.service
what does --user mean? do i need to put it in this command?

You also have to removed the “#” in the right file…

Write in Terminal this command:

sudo nano /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/media-session.conf

and look for this line and remove the “#” from metadata, the line should look like this after it :

    metadata                # export metadata API

Safe it and just restart Linux…

All credits goes to @MajorMayer :slight_smile: i hope this error is finally gone.

I forgot the Forum command for Code posting… anyone can help me out?

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If you omit the --user option the command will use the default option --system and will fail to find the service in the system manager - Unit pipewire.service could not be found.

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@Kobold @MajorMayer pipewire 1:0.3.23-1 (now on Unstable) includes session-manager fix documented here as “Don’t crash when metadata was disabled such as when not using the audio features of pipewire.” (my italics).


Great to hear, thank you :slight_smile:

Hey mate, you reply to the wrong person… you should to reply to @linub instead.

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Thanks :slight_smile: