Pipewire crackling sound

This stills bothers me and I want to fix this.

I install the qpwgraph and observe that the connection of audio from Firefox output to Plasma PA is disappearing when I pause a video. When I resume to play, it will play that annoying crackling sound first before playing the audio and the connection from Firefox output to Plasma PA is established again.

Even just clicking the audio icon on the system tray produce this crackling sound.

How can I maintain the connection of the two nodes?

thank you but i already read it and it doesn’t solve the problem.

then i dont know… does it happen only with firefox?
and do you have installed wireplumber? if so install pipewire media session, reboot and test, if you have installed media session, install wireplumber, reboot and test

it’s like the driver is sleeping when not in use.

i already done installing the wireplumber package but still doesn’t remove the cracking sound. but thank you for trying to help me.

does it happen also with pulseaudio?

yes. that’s why I tried pipewire.

and do you have sof-firmware installed?

no. i’ll try it now.

ok, after installing it, you need to reboot

okay. i rebooted it.

the crackling sound is still there.

and try this:

echo options snd-hda-intel power_save=0 power_save_controller=N | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/hda.conf

reboot and see if it helped

sorry. it doesn’t work.

i’m looking at this one. maybe i’ll try this.

yes try that, hopefully it will help

i found the answer in this link.

change session.suspend-timeout-seconds to 0 in the bottom section of /etc/pipewire/media-session.d/alsa-monitor.conf

then systemctl --user restart pipewire pipewire-pulse pipewire-media-session after

whew… Linux is really an adventure.
It’s frustrating to have this kind of problem but its so fullfilling to find a solution.

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