Pipewire audio drop out issues

Hey there guys are any of you guys having issues with audio dropping out for a split second and come back at random? I have had this issue while using pipewire and wanted to see if anyone else had to issue and hopefully we can help figure out how to fix it.

I’m using pipewire and don’t have any issue here.

Did you just installed pipewire or it occurred suddenly?

I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and only started when I moved from Pulse Audio to Pipewire, I wanted to try Pipewire as it’s a pulse audio replacement that I have heard does a better job at a lower level and less overhead but this is the only minor annoyance I have had with it.

i just replaced pulse with pipewire yesterday and i’ve caught a couple very brief drop-outs in that time, each lasting maybe 10-50 ms and spaced perhaps an hour or more apart, give or take

everything pipewire is at the defaults but i’m also running EasyEffects (formerly PulseEffects) with the EQ plugin

i am running an AMP/DAC and was listening through headphones when i noticed the drop-outs

for others that may find this thread…

if you’re drop-outs are happening at intervals of about 1 second and you’re using a USB AMP/DAC, and you have an AMD motherboard, try disabling global C-State in BIOS

Very interesting, I am on a Intel platform but I am still having those drop outs at random I assume also as dropouts lasting maybe 10-50 ms but with headphones plugged into the headphone and mic port or even HDMI and on my laptop but far less than I am on my desktop but still not often, still very annoying when it does.