Pinning the kernel version

hello everyone, I got the update of 2021-2-9, but I want to pin the kernel (since there is no use of getting the latest updates for my i5 6th gen laptop), I used first IgnorePkg = linux but it still show up in pacman -Syu, then I tried IgnorePkg = linux510 which worked, but I still get updates for the other headers :
linux-api-headers-5.10.13-1 linux-firmware-20210119.r1813.0578970-1 linux510-acpi_call-1.1.0-28 linux510-headers-5.10.13-2 linux510-virtualbox-host-modules-6.1.18-8 linux54-5.4.95-1

should I pin each one of them too ?

So you don’t feel like needing security updates for shutting down important bugs which hackers could use to compromise your PC? Stealing your most precious things? That’s bold of you. Bad idea tho.

Yes. Or glob patterns. But just don’t do it please.

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Wouldn’t “pinning down” those kernel stuff cause you to possibly have dependency issues (some packages looks for a specific version) and major security issues?

Security updates. Possibly better CPU, power, iGPU, etc management? Just because a hardware is old, doesn’t mean kernel updates don’t do anything for it.

Might be true on Windows, but not Linux.

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hmmm, didn’t consider that. well, thanks for educating me

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