Pinned icons to the taskbar keep randomly switching places and disappearing

Is there any sort of logic here that i’m not getting?

It seemed pretty straightforward to pin the programs i’m using to the taskbar, i rearranged them the way i like, but each login/restart they’re at different places.

And now, after resuming from sleep, the Firefox icon just isnt’ there anymore.
Firefox is installed of course, but the pinned icon was just gone this login.
And the rest are not at the places i left them on.

I also pinned KMail just now, and i can’t move it at all while i can move the rest…

What’s happening? How do i keep them in one place?
Or is this some feature i’m not aware of?

A custom theme may behave weird.

sounds like memory corruption.

A lot of tasks run async which may cause delays in appearance and options

I have never had issues with icons moving around on the taskbar by themselves

It’s the default KDE plasma theme Manjaro comes with, i didn’t change anything…


There’s 2 ways to pin icons to the taskbar it seems. When i entered edit mode, all the pinned icons were in a grouped kind of “widget” that can be moved around the taskbar normally, but the ones added as widget were each its own item, but could be moved only in edit mode.

So i’m guessing this was just some feature of KDE.
I added all the icons as widgets now, arranged them in edit mode, and after resuming from sleep, they didn’t move, so i guess that’s what was happening.

I added them to the taskbar in the wrong mode i guess…

One method is adding a classic “launcher”. The other method is adding a pinned dynamic icon.

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I think i need to read up on some documentation or some tutorials or something. I knew KDE was customisable, but i think i downplayed just how much and that got me confused. :smiley: