Pinetab newscreen2 is the best GNU image, but needs some love

After testing
Ubports - not GNU -
Mobian - BT not working -
Manjaro plasma alpha4 - not booting - and
Manjaro phosh newscreen2 this last is the only one that works, and the best one.

Unfortunately it still has some issues.

1.- No way of hiding the top bar that causes problems in some software adapting to the screen as KODI.

  • Solved setting kodi in window mode and not full screen mode, it would be nice to set up kodi arm windowed as default and also any other software that can be “windowed” -
    2.- No way of changing passwords - not even from terminal -

3.- The landscape mode is backwards the keyboard, found
echo 1 | sudo tee /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate reading, not tested yet.

4.- No way to find how to - if possible - add other desktop (tablet) environments or switch phosh.

5.- No installer.

6.- No dark theme or mode.

7.- No sound - in Mobian worked if it helps - but no problem with Bluetooth

8.- After setting WiFi password/s you have to reboot to make it work.

It is almost a GNU functional tablet
I installed Chromium and did not run, but Firefox was capable of all, including youtube, Kodi was a shame, Foliate needs a bold font, and I still have to test Zotero.

I hope some extra love from developers - that told me still do not have one physical sample in Mastodon - to make it almost perfect.

At least add plasma and if possible other “TEs” if they are better than phosh for that issues mentioned above.

Thanks a lot in advance for your work.

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I can create new Phosh and Plasma Mobile images. I just don’t have any way of testing them. :wink:

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I hope you will have a sample soon enough, and congratulations on even a greater job for the actual one, better that the others I tried.

And of course I will test them for you if you want me to.

As soon as I will buy other SD card unless I find how to flash it

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Posted about new images here:

Please test them. :slight_smile:

You can change the default font in Foliate.
Menu → Font