PinePhone with Manjaro missing details for setting in order to connect internet via SIM

Please see the wiki again, as it states:

So, when you run lsblk get the device name from there, not the partition.

OK, I’ve got it, it is transferring now the correct is than:
dd if=IMAGE.img of=mmcblk2 bs=1M status=progress conv=fsync
I wait a while and then will have a look on my network settings All fine for now. Thank you

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If you had used it with sudo it should work.

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Well, thanks for checking with me, I did not used sudo in the first case, and after reboot the new image was indeed not in eMMC, It has started into the old system installation

When i insert SD it started up again to new installation, but when SD cards is not inside it is not loading new installation. Is there something wrong in trasfer of the image:

I had specifically used command like this:
i did update the
sudo chmod +x /home/manajro
sudo dd if=/home/manjaro/IMAGE.img of=mmcblk2 bs=1M status=progress conv=fsync

The only command should be, assuming the image is /home/manjaro/IMAGE.img and that the target device is mmcblk2:

sudo dd if=/home/manjaro/IMAGE.img of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1M status=progress conv=fsync

No need for any chmod commands.

Yes, the thing is that if I had /dev/ In the command it has showed me
failed to open /dev/mmcblk2 permision denied
when I wrote it without /dev/ (as suggested by somebody before) the process seemed has been generating a transfer (maybe to ram), just I guess it somehow did not get linked in to start

That’s because you didn’t use sudo at first.

The reason why it “worked” without /dev/, is that now you have IMAGE.img and mmcblk2 files in your home folder. Both the exact same file, just a different name.

yes, thank you. Now it started correctly, I will restart it and have a look for the inernet setting via SIM as I tried before. In any case I am so happy to have recieved support.

Well, I made brick of my phone.

I am desperate, I believe that pinephone is great idea worth to support, though as a community supported solution, the process is different, and that is ok. Probably I did not understand that I should not try to install all apps at once when I decided to install few things database synchronization for pacman, telegram, network file nmanager and some small size apps like document reader screenshot taking etc… restarted the phone… now the phone does not start (it lights up the led, than the led goes offf and phone stays balck)
Is there a way how to go from now? I have seen there is RESET button under black back cover, I hope it is not needed to use. Then the other solution seem to be the jumpdrive.

May someone provide me a detailed manual for jumpdrive procedures please?

Is there a way to reset the phone and to start an installation all over without jumpdrive please?

It is very hard to actually brick the Pinephone. The phone will always boot from SD card first, no matter the state of the internal install. So you can always flash a new image to an SD card and boot that.

I am happy again, Yes it is great that there is always chance to reinstall the phone without doing damage. Now I am trying to figure out again all the network settings and hopefully I find an image where I may install Telegram. What I really wish to install more is a F-droid application if that would work to control my gimbal for making videos.