Pinephone volume buttons don't affect USB audio until volume 'off'?

I’m curious if anyone else sees this behavior (I’m not sure where to start looking to figure this out and where to file an issue): playing audio over USB, the volume buttons don’t seem to affect the output volume until I lower the volume to 0%, at which point there’s no sound. If I press volume up, the sound returns, but at constant level (sounds like full level) to 100%.

Any ideas?

It depends. Are you using Plamo (KDE Plasma Mobile) and then what image you flashed on, or are you using Phosh (the Gnome interface).
Plamo beta9 still uses PulseAudio, hence you can see the documentation here Network Setup – PulseAudio
Some images try to make the transition to Pipewire, and Phosh is already using it, but according to this
stuttering when plugging in USB audio interface on PinePhone (#1327) · Issues · PipeWire / pipewire · GitLab
not all the profiles got written yet.

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Thanks for the info, I’m on Plasma Mobile and PulseAudio.