Pinephone scratchy audio after update


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I just received a Pine64 a couple days back, did an update yesterday and the phone audio became scratchy, is there a specific bug area for these updates?


KDE Plasma is 5.21.5
Kernel 5.12.8-2


And depending with what image it came preinstalled, then the update, even tho successful will not apply some patches the correct way.
Please download one of the last images from here and flash your phone

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I’ll certainly try, can you recommend which one may give the most likely success?

And any potential for help from anyone regarding my Windows 7Pro not reading the USB when Jumpdrive is enabled?

I tried to flash Ubuntu and no-go due to to that

Ununtu wouldn’t boot from my SD card either, it did seem to try once, I seen the boot image and was excited, but a five minute wait found it wasn’t happening


@bogdancovaciu can I just gitpull one of these from the phone command line and write over the existing OS, eliminating the need for the jumpdrive?

Don’t know any such possibility. Normally all should be done via software update, but it still needs some love in some regards. You need Jumpdrive only to write a new image on the internal storage, but you can use any “ISO” writing software to make a mSD card and boot from it. That way you can have multiple DEs/systems …

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