PinePhone problems

Hi !
I got my PinePhone today (with 3GB/32GB).
I had to go through the initial start up 6 or 7 times, since it crashed all the time.
Eventually I came through the start up, though.
One annoying thing is that after choosing Swedish language,
then it ask what keyboard layout I want.
It should understand that I want Swedish keyboard, after choosing Swedish language,
but it suggest US-English.
But, then in the settings UI, everything is still in English. It should be in Swedish.
Then I wanted to update the system, or at least the kernel.
But it couldn’t lock the database.
After running the command:
$ sudo rm /var/lib/pacman/db.lck
it locked, though.
Then I tried:
$ sudo pacman -Syu
and it started to fetch several packages.
Then it suddenly hang.
I removed the battery and restarted.
Run the same command again, and hanging again.
I tried this for 3 times. It hang at different points each time.
Is there a way to go through the update process without hanging?

/ Hans Gatu

Hi Hans,

Which image did your phone come with or did you try? For me personally, Plasma seems very unstable at the moment as well. I had a ‘Braveheart’ edition (2GB), but upgraded the motherboard and now have a 3GB version like you. Since then Plasma is nothing but trouble for me.

However, all other images (such as Mobian, postmarketOS (which you should build yourself through pmbootstrap), or Manjaro’s own Phosh for Pinephone) seem to work just fine! Did you try any of those?

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best wishes, Thomas

PS: Switching to another image/mobile DE won’t solve all the issues you described, but hopefully at least bring more stability.

Normally all phones are tested when they get out of the factory. If you got a Manjaro Edition, it shipped with Beta1 release. You can get the latest Jumpdrive and flash Beta4 on to it:

My phone is the Manjaro Community Edition.
I will try to use Jumpdrive to update it.
I have never tried Jumpdrive before, so I don’t know about it.

/ Hans Gatu

As I’m writing this I have booted the Pinephone with the latest Phosh image (beta 4) from an SD card and I’m scp'ing one of the latest Plasma dev images (Manjaro-ARM-plasma-mobile-dev-pinephone-testing-201216.img) to it over wifi, so I can then write (dd) the image to the internal eMMC.

A bit of a lenghtly process, Jumpdrive seems much more convenient, thanks! :slight_smile:

It is difficult to say what is the cause.

I have collected my experience in this topic under #support:manjaro-hardware