PinePhone - Factory Image - Microphone & Call

Hello !

I’m quite surprised I didn’t found any topic related to this yet, anyhoo it seems I have a problem with the microphone but it looks software related, actually when I call someone, that person can’t hear me at all even with his sound at maximum except if that person put the speaker ‘on’, they have to set the volume at maximum or it’s really low.

But if I receive a call that person hear me correctly without having to put the speaker ‘on’.
So I checked in ‘Settings’ > ‘Sound’ and played with ‘Configuration’ and did a few test swapping between ‘Play HiFi quality music’ & ‘Make a phone call’ in ‘Input’ before each call. Doesn’t change anything. Every volume option are set at maximum by the way.

As said in the title, this is the factory image and the PinePhone is up to date.

  • Is there something to do?
  • Am I the only one experiencing this?
  • How come they hear me if they’re the caller but not if I am the caller?
  • Would I have the same problem with another ‘Phosh’, ‘Lomiri’ or ‘Plasma Mobile’ ?


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Seems to be a ‘no’ after a few chat with other user.

Seems to be a ‘yes’ after testing all 3 OS on SD then also tested after flashed on emmc.

EDIT : Only Manjaro does have this problem so until this is resolved I’m gonna use another OS, there’s no point having a phone if you can’t be heard when you’re the one calling and must be called to be heard.