PinePhone dropping mobile data during deep sleep

This dropping mobile data during deep sleep and never reconnecting to it issue is getting old fast! Phone worked fine up til the last two weeks. What is the fix for this? If there isn’t one when is the fix coming? As of right now I’ve got a sweet paper weight that looks like a phone

I suggest you change the settings for power saving - adjusting what may be shut down and what may not be shutdown.

Remember that the system acts like a desktop computer and you will have to adjust the settings to fit your use case.

More of a workaround, but this seems to be helpful until a proper fix will be implemented:

in power setting for cell radio setting: default is CAN be turned off. and it does turn it off and does not turn back on.

if you turn this setting off. meaning radios can NOT be turned off. the modem instantly disappears AND your APN settings are deleted.

game breaking bug.