Pinephone dev build won't unlock

Hi, I installed the most recent build of Manjaro Plasma Mobile and get this error screen when trying to unlock the phone:

locker is broken and unlocking is not possible
unlock switch to a virtual terminal
log in and execute the command:
loginctl unlock-session c1

out of the virtual session by pressing ctrl+D
back too the running session (ctrl+alt+f1)

Note that the text is cropped so I can’t see the whole message left to right, I only wrote what I could see.

I don’t know if SSH over USB is enabled but I haven’t even gone through the setup.

Please report issues here:

Latest preview is here: Release Release 202202161311 · manjaro-pinephone/plasma-mobile · GitHub. Use 123456 to unlock.

This is not a dev build though. And I know the password, it’s just that when I unlock it, it displays that message.

This started happening for me today too. Looks like something in the Plasma Git stack broke. Maybe it’s fixed by tomorrows image.

This should been fixed as of this commit in kdeclarative:

commit 05f147aa3d09fbb789184e8a5948c49d196105e1 (HEAD → master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)
Author: Alexander Lohnau
Date: Sat Feb 19 08:04:40 2022 +0100

Fix double deleting of NetworkAccessManagerFactory

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