PinePhone boot order

I have the PinePhone connected to an usb-c dock to be able to control it with a wireless logiteck K400 keyboard.

I want to flash the PinePhone from an USB stick attached.

If I boot the phone with this stick attached the Pine attempts to boot from the stick as the stick is seen as /dev/sda but of course the boot fail. The stick a bootable usb with a grub bootloader - intended for multiboot.

Default pin code for Manjaro PinePhone editions

The mainline version of python-pyqt5 does not work. As per advise from @Strit in another place you need to install python-es2-pyqt5 and after that you need to reinstall manjaro-arm-flasher.

Selecting a image to download leads to an 404 Not Found message for the images.

Lomiri edition

In the flasher it is not possible to navigate to attached USB stick.

The stick is available as sda - but trying to mount it from terminal asks for password which is hard to get accepted - maybe it is locked by a desktop timeout?

The PinePhone can not boot from USB, as far as I know. Also, is the USB stick flashed with a PinePhone image? Else it wont work, uboot looks for certain boot scripts. Not GRUB.
The boot order is: SPI -> SD -> eMMC.

The default pin is documented in the release post of each new PinePhone image release here on the forum.

I thought I might have missed it somewhere - sorry.

The stick with grub installed using mbusb script.

But if it does not contain a uboot script, it won’t get booted.