Pinephone apps crashing and black screen after update

First, the pinephone is great! Fantastic! … I know I bought a development product, so I want to do what I can to make it better.

(oh and if I am reporting this in the wrong category please shift it over to a more appropriate place. - Thanks)

Hardware: pinephone (Manjaro with convergence package)
OS: Manjaro, Gnome, 3.38.1

My phone arrived two days ago I tested it out the first day there were a few glitches and quarks but all in all it was very impressive.

I thought I would update yesterday morning and so I launched the “Software” app and let it download and install updates. - - I WAS BAD, VERY VERY BAD, i did not back up any files before updating. Is there a way to roll back, or am I stuck until updates resolve my issues? (I use Manjaro on my laptop and have Timeshift installed)

After yesterdays update most of the phone apps will just crash and close out, often times it will dump me to a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. This seems like a significant crash I haven’t seen any error messages, or stack dumps reported to the screen. Are there any bash commands i can run to investigate further?

  1. Second question, has any one done a quick write up on how to switch to some of the other preloaded Manjaro-ARM OS’s? i can kinda see some extra files show up in the “Nemo” file browser, but it quickly switches out after clicking they are listed as Devices “mmcblk2p2”, “mmcblk2p1”, “mmcblk0p1”.

  2. I am considering just downloading and setting up an SD card with a known good image, and try to do a fresh install. The documentation that came with phone stated that the SD card takes boot priority over the integrated memory, so i am expecting it is all straight forward. Is there any extra steps or precautions I should know before I do this?

Thank you.

I have been playing pinephone - you may find useful info reading this