PinePhone app store would be nice

Ok cool man, but some want a way to put apps. on through the phone. Like a app center. Everyone won’t want to dock it to install something.

On Phosh, you can use Add/Remove Software (Pamac) or GNOME Software. On Plasma Mobile, you can use Add/Remove Software or Discover.

Duh me, man. Anyway ya, I have a LG V35 ThinQ, but a Pine phone would be good when all the bugs are worked out. Does Pine have wireless charging? I don’t do much on phone just call/TXT family. I love you can replace upgrade the parts yourself. Does any routers have manjaro on them? I installed DD-Wart on one we had about 12 years back. Sorry off topic. :smiley:

Yes, with the Qi Wireless Charging Add-on.

No, Manjaro does not make router firmware.

It sucks that router board is thee only one, It would be cool to build one that looked like a router & flash a router OS lier PFsense or OpenSense to it.